Sunday, October 19, 2008

I just finished study Chemistry, for tomorrow exam.
But, i still not very understand :(
Add-maths paper, i left 4 or 5 blanks! How ah...
"Suan le, not the 1st time tough."
Today Physic paper is quite okay, but..
I've not study for it =.='
"Dont know that teacher caught me cheating or not" :D *TeeHee*
I think she observed that.

& one more thing, the fan infront of me quite annoying sometimes.
Blow away my things, pen after that ruler or question papers.
Also, my hair! After finish one paper, i will become a "siao po"~
0k0k, but without the fan, it's freaking hot.
Messy hair better than perspire.

2 Days, 2 days!
Monday, & Tuesday is the last day! :D
--Memorizing what i've study.
bla bla bla.
The aqueous solution of the Copper(II) Sulphate consist of Copper(II) ions.........

Okay, i better go and study.
Tata :)

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