Monday, October 06, 2008

0kay 0kay, I'm tired. Stomach-ache'ing!
Dont kno why.. feeling so unwell.
TBA is absent for skool again today! :D Whole class reaction are same.
Weheheh. We just go "YAY!" Soooo happy when she is not around :E
I do really dont like her!

After listening to the introducing of the new Electronic Dictionary, go back to class. Biology lab.
Yup, as usual. Still sleeeeeepy!
I tried, i tried to listen & pay attention to what teacher is teaching.. But, just cannot leh! :( *sigh*
Later on, just back to class. Then, Miss oh told me that her minli's hard disk was stolen!
Who will it be! i dont kno =.='
Being a thief, just so lame. You're so jerk!
"Why must you do such a sinuous thingy?" You already have no more dignity.
"Better dont let them found out who you are~"
By the way, it's only cost Rm30 weh~ *Scoffing*
Somemore, Miss Oh is too good. She is not angry at all.
Still, said that the person is a gawk! Hahah.
& she is going to buy a new & better hard disk to compensate minli :)
That thief also quite funny.. Took away the hard disk & the cable,
then replace it with the sciencetific calculator. *lol*
& it's my classmate's calculator which he had lost it since bla bla bla.

Went to Kb mall before tuition. Yaapin bought this Mag..
Because Ethan is at the cover of the Mag! Hahaa.
He is soooo smart lah! Even if he grimace :P
Sh*t. Inside still got his poster! & also Dylan's [dont kno what's his real name].
Wuahaha! He is seductive yeahs? ;D Luan jing Tian ahhh~~ LOL.

Alright, gotta go to bed now. Tata! :D

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