Friday, October 31, 2008

Another October baby :D
Happy Birthday, Piyi ! You are 16th now ;)
A really active, intelligent, funny and also a sarcastic friend of mine.
Better dont offend her, or else.... ;) Someone may know that feeling, fiend.
She is utter psycho :P
She said that she is fat. Yes, only among us. teehee~
but compare with others out there, she is much much much better :D

Thanks for treating us Pizza :)
We think for what to eat almost 1 hour.
McDonald, KFC, & Pizza. Which 1 ?
Then, we decide what to eat with a finger-guessing game.
The answer is, KFC.
But lastly, we also walk to Pizza Hut. Hahaa xP

New photo-machine! Heehee.
Of course, we take it. This machine is much better than the others.
No time limit! :D hahaha.

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