Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm currently addicted with the "Beethoven Virus"-Korean movie.
The Trumpeter so handsome! :D *TeeHee
In the movie, he has the talent like Mozart do.
Dont know how to see the notes, just listen once of the music.
He can mesmerize them all, is all :) haha.
After all, it's a great movie for me. Yet, i have nothing to do at home after exam. *Duh*

& today school time is reeeeeeeeally boring!
Most of the teachers are absent, man!
We keep on playing in class. until we are all tired.
We thought that the "prettay woman" is absent, too.
Very happy, stimulate when playing snap with UNO cards.
When~i snapped piyi. Haha!
Dang, she's there. Outside the class =.='
Guai guai back to our seat lu~~~

My cellphone my cellphone! :D
I'm really excited for it. *Teehee!
Badminton tomorrow! :) Wheeee..

Hey friends, try this.
I play this when i'm bored. Hahaah.
It's quite fun :)

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