Thursday, November 20, 2008

I am so imprudent!
And this make me almost break my small toe.
two weeks ago, watching tv shows and walking forward to my room
at the same time. And then, my small toe on my left leg,
lacerated by the corner of the door. =.='
and it non-stop bleeding... ewwww! I hate blood!

Yesterday, the same thing happened =.=''
Walked out from toilet, and i never noticed a big blue ladder was there.
And again, my small toe on my left leg,
but this time, is on the right side of my small toe! wtf
luckily, not really serious like last time.
If this happen again, i think i will break it one day.

Raining whole morning, until now.
It's the best staying at home with the weather like this :)

I love my wawa! :D So cute right ? ;)
If u played viwawa too, remember to vote mine :D hehee!

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