Friday, November 28, 2008

Watched DVDs whole morning.
Madagascar 2 and then Narnia & the Prince Caspian :)
I love both of these movies! Somebody maybe dont like the movies like Narnia..
They find it boring ~.~ But for me, it's interesting :D

We get the free tickets for 林宇中's 签唱会~
Nothing to do at home then go lor.
I'm not regretting! :D
But i don't know why the peoples so "cold" =.='

林宇中 ! Too bad, i'm too far away ):
He's cooooool! XD
It's time for signing! A ghostly movement is Kay. I tried to capture a good picture,
But.. yeah, that's what you see "a good picture" :P

Ryn's sign ;D Yeng ahh!


Chicken wings after the 签唱会~
I'm hungry!
They're all waiting for me to finish my "Ko Lo Mee"

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