Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My lens was delivered this morning! :D
I waited for so long, & they're here, this morning, finally~!

Green lens & Gray lens :) Hoho.
Well, the green one is not distinct yet i thought it would be.
It's better ;)

At night, my mom bring us to Kenny Rogers :D
& I ordered this meal.
I'm still hungry when finished this.. dot dot.

My mommy & I. At Kenny Rogers.
The 1st pic, "Ma, come take some pictures! " I grin.
"Eh, I'm not yet ready lah!"
*Put her presbyopic glasses on*
The 2nd one, "1,2,3... smile :D"

Okay, obviously, this is me :P
I put on my sis glasses. Which she bought from Website.
Yes, I'm noooooob! xP

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