Monday, November 10, 2008

What the heck is going on..
Today so the suay lah!

Okay, let me start with when the boys and us were playing cheating game with UNO cards.
Yes, i am really bad at this cheating game.
Cuhs I'm bad at cheating, I'm definitely a good girl ;P
Choo was the cheating King! He always won the game =.='
Few rounds later, we never noticed that Ah Sir tu at back door,
Watching us playing.. & sure he confiscated it! felt so sorry to piyi ;(

Yes, I've finished one holidays homework! :D
There's ton of holidays homework! *gah*
Let it be..

Then, it's our turn to take the form5 textbooks.
I shocked when my friend told me that i cant take them! wtf
That's impossible, like me- a good girl already returned to school all the form4 textbooks!
I asked and asked my class teacher why why why.
He just answered that he knew nothing!
"Saya tak tau, Cikgu tu yang buat semua ini! Gi tanya Cikgu tu lah!"
"Mana boleh macam ini.. Saya sudah pulangkan semua buku eh!"
"Saya tak tau, saya tak tau.."

I keep on ask and ask. *gah*
Then at last i just knew that Bear was the one who never return the books.
But the teacher also dont let me to take the books,
He urged that we must look for the teacher 1st.
Okay lor.. what to do lui~

As usual, the recess bell rang and went to canteen.
After the recess, my teacher still in class,
keep on luan him.. - I'm really annoying bah
"Mari bagi kertas itu, saya dan Bernai pergi jumpa Cikgu itu.." My malay sucks
Just when we were going to look for the teacher,
prefects-prefects came to our class, and spot check again=.='
Cincai liao lah! No mood to care about spotcheck.
& that makes me forgot about my pendrive! dang
Also, wanying's playing cards were also been confiscated
which kept by Yaapin in her Tupperware.
She never noticed that there's one prefect outside looking at what she's doing. lol

Teacher, me & bernai went to jumpa the teacher.
And this is all the hiao-po teacher's fault!
See.. at last I take back all the textbooks from Bear.
Felt abit guilty too. But it's better then waste almost hundreds to buy all the textbooks.

Another difficulty is I need to carry 19 books to the Bus stop!
Hehe, I passed some for Yiling to help me to lighten them. Or else, I will "die" .

Yokohama, Japan. Amusement park
I wished to go there one day :)

Shinagawa view from Tokyo Tower.
Picture from deviantart.

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