Sunday, November 02, 2008

Naughty one, chewing my hand.

Sleeping~~ ;D

What'cha looking at....

Ahhhh, just so cute ! :D

Badminton :D

Boring school day, 15 absentee today.
Wuahaha.. Nvm, there's more teruk class.
We cannot tahan the something of ah Ai,
lmao! It's so.. nausea~
Still want to take one picture from us yet she confiscate our pictures.
& told me, if i don't cut out one and paste it on her table,
she grab back from me. Choi lei dou sor~~ =.='
Sure we will not give it to her!

Good-byes day for Students of form 5 & 6.
Lot's of students cried.
Teacher Tan cried, too! ):
So yeah, Our turn next year ):
---When Piyi going to be a nun :D hahaha
She said this is stadium today, mentioned that we will stop her,
but, just go bah, if u want to :) lols
---Just kidding ;D

Followed weihoong's car to badminton court.
As, no one can fetch me there!
I played badminton till my 鞋底 came off! LOL
I cannot continue to play with the cacat shoes,
i take them off and play with my socks on...... eww~~
We lost for yp & neng again! Dang..
"Piyi, we really must jiayou leh!"
Always almost win then..... suay de lo~
actually we're too tired for that lah.. play too long le ;P

Walked to piyi's house later on.
to see her cute cute cute puppies! They are super duper cute lah! hehehe
All puppies are too cute for me ;)
I love to see when they are running :D the short short legs, the fat fat body, the short short tail waggling... Just too cute! XD *rolf*

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