Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Just now watched 霹雳MIT.
Not bad not bad =D
I like the gut of the movie.
Hmm.. can i say it's like Detective Conan ?

My cousin came to my house today :D
& also her hyperactive daughter!
She was so quiet at first,
but after a few minutes later, touch this and that
Ask for this and that. I'm going insane..

Quiet. Watching Bu Liang Xiao Hua..
Eating Mameee~

biting finger. So cute :D haha!

& then, her hyperactive cell reactive.
She goes "Byebye!"s and "Hello!"s

Trying to carry Tiffany.
Yes, she did it :D

At night, my mom bring them for dinner at Bak Kut Teh :)
As they want to.
Huanting was so noisy! Non-stop talking.
& I wonder why so many aeroplanes tonight...
She keep saying "有飞机~有飞机! 你看你看!"
Then, a few minutes later..
A few minutes later, "又来了~~" =.=''
Why so many...

I teach her "Red lorry yellow lorry"
and asked her to say it faster and faster.
also also, "peter butter bought a butter!"
You will listen it in this video. & sorry for the video shaking shaking,
I cant stand on it :P She's adorable!

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