Monday, November 03, 2008

We change to 5sc5 today.
wtf, so many mosquito !
Still, so hot and weird scent sometimes. Ewww..
Yes, complain complain. lol
But piyi said that, "got complain just can improve!"

I have new friend, her name is Ah Hong~
hahaha! xD
Always sitting on the red chair.
& today she been sat by people, when we play UNO games.
Kolian my ah hong ):
Gah.. i'm too boring at class and met her.
I'm not yet crazy! xP
If you want to know her, i can introduce you to her! :D wuahahaha!

Yuhoo~ i have a big nap this afternoon.
So nice to sleeep :D I enjoy sleeping very much! Teeheeee.
Play Audition later on.
This few days addict with the new mode. Quite fun :D haha
Pressing ctrl key like mad! It's fun, really ! hehee
Kay won me one match, nevermind~~ :P

Alright, skool tomoro,
must sleep early, or else..
yes, not good for health! :D *Cheer*
Lazy piyi going to skip class! Hmmp..
Good Night! :D

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