Sunday, November 23, 2008

I used 2 and a half hours copy the synopsis for the book review desperately!
and finally, I finished them!
yes yes yes! lol xD
I'm happy you know :) haha.
and I dont know why I am .

1 month, 1 month.
I'm freaking bored staying at home. I must insisted this :P
I'm going to KL after 1 month :D Hoho.
and I can meet my sister, too! hahaha.
I hope there's still time for me to watch Twilight in cinema :X
I want to!!!

0h ya, Happy Birthday to my cousin, chia yong! :D
Actually he's my nephew. But I always addressed him as my cousin.
So yeah, still cousin lah :D haha.
I dont want he calls me "姑姑". wuahaha xP

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