Sunday, November 09, 2008

"What about you ? Dare to judge the others, but did you realize that you are the worst ?
And that's why all the things happened to you... You must not blame anyone!"

Breakfast today, so that I could let they taste the blueberry cheese cake
as i promised them weeks ago :)
Neng & Piyi dont like cheese, so
Yaapin likes my hand-baked cheesecake ?
-gah, actually not i baked it all the way. Sure is my mom assist me xP
Yes, she do like it, and she must like it! :P

& before blogging, I just finished two pieces of blueberry cheesecake :D
It's soooooo yummy :P
You want taste some too ?
In fact, my mom is really good in cooking and baking~! I can't ignore this :)

Apparently, nothing special happened in school today.
Passed the whole day with just playing "Chor Dai Di".
& then, we tried to gamble.
Yaapin be the.. ahh.. what it call ah..
"Play one round only ah~"
But after one round, not enough er =.='
"One more lah, last le last le!"
"Okay, last le!"
Still, unwilling.. Play few more rounds later then stopped :)
Wanying came and joined us later on. hahaah!

After that, the vigorous one- Panyen came and joined us.
lucky lor him.. win so many set! Ishhh~~~
Gosh, tomorrow gonna take the Form 5's textbook!
So lazy.. =.='''

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