Thursday, November 06, 2008

"Someone out there, you must not judge anyone as you are not perfect either.
& also, dont be too arrogant. Or else, you will never know the truth."

It's raining now, it will be a very nice sleep for me tonight! :)
Skipped class again this morning.
My classmate told me that 19 "guai kia" were absent.
& there were only 2 girls in class! How pathetic..
It's really boring at skool, better stay at home :)
At least I could sleep more longer!
Today is the last day for Kang's tuition! :)
Yuhooo~ Quite happy one.

Just now watched "Guess Guess Guess" from computer.
There's a breaking crew, "FORMOSA"
Tremendous performance. They were the proximate Breaking Champion.
I like their steps and those seductive moves.
These needs lots of energy for sure~
Enjoy their performance :)

BOTY 2008 - International - Formosa (Taiwan) Show

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