Thursday, November 27, 2008

I just wake up from 3pm until now :D
When i was watching Tyrannosaurs, *luckily i already finished it- THE END*
Then , black out ! =.='
After i have my lunch then go sleep!

1 hour later, electricity is back :D
and I'm quite lazy to get up.
Continue to sleep~ haha.

About 6 something, kay comes over.
Then playing with her phone's camera shoot mode "Best Pic"- LOL
It's Fun! hahaa
Kay&me :D

I try to fit 3 persons :D

Kay with Xin's spec!
She looks so cute :D

After that, we go to CD shop.
Then i ask Xin to take the CD i want, yet I am searching for the other movies.
"Take this for me, i try to search for other nice movies :D"
*Grab the CS from my hand*"Okay"
Then she continue to talk talk with kay.
But we have had no money yo buy.
So, went to look for our mom to take some money ;D
But we never noticed that the CD that i asked Xin help me to take is still on her hand!
She takes it out from the shop, & the shopkeeper never noticed that too =.='

Our first reaction is laugh and laugh!
Until all the people around us look at us like we're crazy!* I think we are, that time*
Of course, we told our mom and return to that shop and pay for it okay.
LOLs. It's quite fun too! XD Hahah.

Head on to Roti Canai stall for our supper~
Yeehaa! I loved Roti Canai :D

This pretty picture i took it at Roti Canai stall :P

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