Friday, November 21, 2008

Went to Miss Oh's house xD
I'm freaking bored staying at home! gah!
Much better can go somewhere else ;D

We watched "The Clique" and also "The luckiest Man"!
Hahah.. Enjoy the shows very much :D
After watching the movies, she cooked me Japan Maggie :P
And also, gave me lotsa food her dad bought from Japan!
They're all so goood ;) I want more! teehee*

I can see that Miss oh really hates the fishes in the pond!
hahaaa. She kept on nag and nag about that she cant swim! lol xP
Becuhs of those fish! Wakakaa
We were chatting and then came a mosquito and Oh killed it !
and it falled into the pond.
But it still not yet die, floating on the water.
It looks like Nyamuk Aedes, but we dont know whether it is or not.
Then asked her dad,
"Dy ah, you see this one is Nyamuk Aedes or not?"
"Ahh..Not lah!"
"How you differentiate them?"
"Just... it's hard to say. But it's not lah!"
Hahaa. Okay, we chuckle when it's not.
Cuhs Oh's kena sting 2 or 3 times. haha

The fishes Miss oh hates so much! hahah :D

At night, i have dinner with them.
Went to noodle station as her sister wants to :)
and we ordered a super duper big beverage.
We thought it would be just like our 500ml bottle container, when we saw it in the menu pictures.
But it's not! It's big! It's HUGE! :P


I wonder why Noodle Station so damn many waiters ?
Some of the waiters still can goyang kaki at there...

OH yeah! Twilight is going to filmed in Malaysia sooooon! :D
I hope i can watched it in time X:! *When the time I in KL*
I'm mad, why there is no cinema in KB! Ishhhhh

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