Saturday, November 29, 2008

Watch "The Four" whole morning with my sis this morning.
Kay keep on asking bout what so nice for the movie.. =.='
I just nodded my head aka yes, definitely.
After awhile, she then comes out and asks,
Back into my room and continue to watch Gossip Girl. hahah
She watches Gossip Girl too~! lol

About 7pm, she went back, with some goreng prawns on her hands.
hahah! She loves prawns alot...
I was watching Chnl311, the battleground.
Well, still, Project Element is the most interesting for me :)
& Ultimax also not bad for that time performance. Hehee..
They're tempting.

Well, yesterday canceled the plan for listening undang-undang.
Miss oh can't make it. Go for the next day ba :D
We played 3G just now! hahah. Yet it's free for 3 days~! LOL
It's so funny :D haha
Nothing to blog about, I'm hella hungry!
So, cya ;)

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