Monday, December 29, 2008

I'm back :D

Back from KL ler~ So the sian! I miss my sister in KL also, sowife!
We MSN-ed just now. & she shows me the very very stupid emotion! And it makes me LOL! Well, it's not good to show it here. haha! xP "Btw, ah girl ah, the emotion really look like you!" :P So, my holiday is end, i miss everything there! The foods, shopping, supper, yam-seng'ing and the blah blah blah! But my own bed is better! Spring spring one! :P So much pictures to upload, we'll see how much i can upload then. Lazy to wait for 5 by 5 =.='
This few days shops till my legs so the pain! Why want to build the mall so big ah! Shops whole day but buy not much things.

SS'ing in fitting room.

Pool side :)
-----Cousin's Wedding Day!

It's MIMI!
OMG, she's so cute! XD She's wearing bride dress too! Too bad, i cant take one of the pictures. She's just cannot stay still! I like the ribbon things pinned up on her hair fur!

Alice & Wayne :D
The lenglui and the lengcai.

The toasting glass! :D

Hahaa! Another cute one!
He likes to show his tongue! xD


After the wedding, went to Jusco. In Jusco fitting room SS'ing again!

----Wedding Dinner :D

Oooops! I accidently splited Kay's drink! "who ask she put at the table side worr.. " :P
Eh, i was trying to help her to take the new plate nah! Then my right arm no see the glass and split it! I not purposely OKAY? =.=' Who so lame do such this things? Somemore me, my dress also get splited! Then run to washroom, and wash wash wash. POP drink somemore, nian nian de.

When we get back to our seat, they're all standing with a glass in their hands. Yeah, yum-seng!
We fast fast grab up our drinks and yum-seng'ing with them! 3 fo us yum seng till everyone stop le also dont know! 3 of us still shouting and then just realise that everyone already stopped! Everyone open the eyes big big and stare look at us! So the paiseh! Eww.. What to do, we LOL and continued to cheers for the 2nd and the 3rd times..

Yeah, US :D

He so happy ah! Anything also can make him laugh till like this de. haha! I like to see he laughs like this! :D
"Give me 5, Leslie!" XD

Newly wed person, xiao yan & the threes :)
The groom is already drunk! See his face red red or not? haha

In toilet :P

Last day, on the plane. Me & kay :)
Byebye KL!

Uhm, that's all :)
I tried to upload more but.. tired jor~ :D hehe

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