Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I cannot sleep so, watch "Guess Guess Guess" downloaded few days ago.
Why those girls are so cute ah!

& i think she is the cutest among 5 of them :D
She's only 15 leh!

So cute already, her skin still so soft!
Her smiles so sweet @.@
Yes! She looks like Cai Min You, too! :D

-This is another one. It's about 千金小姐!
& the celebrities must guess who is the 假千金~

Energy doubts the girl and asked her:

Waaaa.. zha dao =.='

LOL. He's always so funny! xD

After watching still cannot sleep and post this up :)
To make me sleepy. Yeah, it do works abit :/
Already 3 but i still can't sleeeeeeeep! T.T

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