Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Ey, really sian ler!
After audition then Viwawa :)

Playing Big2.5!
One of my favorite game in Viwawa. ;P
& i print screen this cuhs there's a Monk gambling! L0L
Well, it's just the avatars anyway.
But i think it's funny :P

This wabbit so cute :D
It's a .gif picture. I wonder why it's not moving! >:[
Ah! so cute ! Teehee.

What happened to Tiffy's leg?
She's so pity :( When she walks she "cry for pain"
i think so :X
& walk step by step. Cannot run like crazy anymore. 'that's what she did everyday'
It's so not familiar :[
btw, hope she'll get well asap!

how old is he actually? =/

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