Sunday, December 07, 2008

Elecoldxhot crew!

Leon ! Aha~!
I like their group the most in Astro Battleground'08. haha xD
Twister Genies not bad also lah! ;P

How cute is it! OMG ~
Lion head dog :X
Well, it's cute but i will never colored my dog like this! :P

0h yeah, Weiliang jio me to play DarkGunz with them.
But i dont know what's wrong with my DarkGunz program! It's just, Dang!
After i setup, & after it's done downloading, It's done!
Happy happy go click the icon at my desktop. Dang, "cannot found the file"!
wat the... =.='
It's already done everything! Why not found ?! Grrr..

Ey, sian lah!
Nothing to do at home :(
I want to watch The Bolt! :D

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