Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Yaapin! :D
Happy Sweet Sixteeeeen! Yay, finally you 16 liao~! Wuahahaa.. we can go listen undang together liao~ xP haha! She's the most crazy and also the most pretty among all of my friends! She belongs a model's stature which most of the girls wished to. She can laughs at every moments, and sometime we dont kno what she laughing at =.=' Yes, she likes to laugh! Maybe laughter is her excellency ? She's quite scary when she's not in the mood. We all can see that.. Our class will be very very quite xD

I'm glad I have a friend like you! =) We laughed together, screwed-up together, talking nonsense together, do crazy things together, gossip about the eight diagrams, and sometimes we'll tease each other :P At least we're not backstabber ;D
I love my friends alot! xD

One more time, Happy Birthday OYP~! :D

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