Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I woke up at 1pm this morning afternoon!
It's historical late in my life :X
But i found it better :D It's boring when wake up earlier..

At night, my dad bring us to see the river. LOL
& ewww, so dirty! =.=''
Still, no lights beside the river one!
After that, head on to Grandriver view hotel as my mom asked to.
See those pretty pretty decorations for Christmas.

The Ginger bread house. It is all made by breads.
2 idiots with the bread house.
Breadsssss on the ground.

Snowman! :)

The entrance window.

& a Spongebob balloon stuck at the ceiling :X

-I tried to change a new blogskin. But, so lazy lah! =.='

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