Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008 ;)

I'm sick! OMG =.='' *Hah-Chuw*
Headache some more.. Just now i tried to do my Add-math homework, but.. I've forgot all the methods! Damn! Nvm, at least i know the 1st Qs and it's the only one i know! Damn.. How can ? *go bang the wall* AHHH! SOL. FYI, it's scream out loud =.='''

2009 is coming! :D Goodbye mouses and welcome the cow! Moo-moo. You guys must have a happy countdown day. What for me ? Sitting in front of the TV and countdown with them. lol! So pathetic lah! walau eh, some more KB also no where to go for countdown hor ? Like a huge bunch of peoples shouting and screaming together~ " 5,4,3,2,1! Happy New year!! " Eww! Why KB no ahhhh ? Or there is ? :/ Please tell me, I go join next time! Wuahaha xD

2008 is a great year for me :) I knew a lot of new friends and I'm study in the same class with my besties! A lil surprise birthday party for me at skool, thanks to them! :) Hmm.. some more, I've gain a lil weight! :D That's good news for me! :P How i wish i could be fatter!! [Or someone donate some oil for me please o.o] Well, about studies.... like that like that lo. Nothing special, still stuck at middle middle. I'm not a good learner! But i will try harder :D Next year form5 liao leh!

OMG ?! Form 5 =.=' I've not mature enough yet. Like they said we are really childish sometimes.. Okay, not wrong! xP But, if mature not suit us ler! haha! Well, just think.. After the form5 life, we're all going to different college, and then get ourselves a proper career, and then get married, and then born babies, all of us have our own happy family & live happily ever after~... Ugh, too far liao =.=' SPM not even started yet!! So, appreciate everything, everyone we have now! Included me OKAY ? :P hahaha! Once again, Happy moo-moo year everyone! XD

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