Friday, December 05, 2008

Look at this!*It's already broken* It's not really nice but my mom said it got power.
and proved me with do some experiments.
"When someone push you, you will not fall."
Okay. I remember my mom told me about her friend,
She told her son that what I've mention just now.

Son: Mom, you told me that if i wear this I wont fall whenever someone push me right?
Mom: Ya!
Son: But the guy pushed me and i fell down today!
Mom: The guy bigger than you izzit ?
Son: Yaler!
Mom: Holeh tuh! Bigger than you mah, sure you fall lah!
Son: Holeh tuh! Tiok jugok deh~!

& thanks to that thingy. I injured my leg again!
I took it off whenever I shower.
Then, I never noticed that thing is there *the necklace is black and so do my shirt that night.*
I hang it with my shirt together.
and so careless,
"piang" fell down and it breaks!
Eww..blood. keep bleeding, keep keep bleeding =.='

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