Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Stupid photo captions. =.=
Well, i see some peoples put their photo's caption like
"Ugly hor", "Tis is miie, iie veli ugly ler".. bla bla bla
Obviously, you want people to post you some laudatory comments or the comments that comfort you. Duh~

No one will post up their "ugly" photos in bla bla website ba ?
Would you show your ugliest picture to anyone ? [maybe there is, idk]
But if the picture of yourself is ugly, you'll never deface your own image. =.='
That's the picture that you think it's the perfect one, just then you uploaded it and let everybody see, right ? :)
& so, that's the perfect picture of yourself and never captioned it as "Ugly laahh" .
It's pathetic! :(

-Helped Cavien's audition character level-ed up :D
hahaa. In fact, this is my first time help someone level-up only once then passed ;P
praise please? haha xP

Last few days Neng asked me about the download website for SDO.
Then i also go the website see see lo~ hehe
& downloaded it too. haha
btw, not bad also la ;)
I downloaded SDO-X season 2 at first, after it's all done cannot play!
Cuhs bo accout! I never noticed that it's still closing beta.
No choice, back to the download website and download the season1 :)

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