Thursday, December 18, 2008

Kay put on xin's wig. haha!
Cute right ? :D
I force her to smile at my camera!
-her sweet smile not like I was forcing her huh.

Kay saw Eric at mall and she is so shy! lol xP
My mom says she wants to ask Vc see if got free perfume sample or not.
We not interested with that and walk away :X

Kay & xin :)

Us :D
*The salesman is not unhappy with what we did!* :P
Can see from his muka masam.

Me ,Kay & Mickey!
"Hello, Mickey! :D"

LuanJingTian & QiaoEn~ XD
I love them! They look great together xP

I'm hungry after shopping.
Then go for supper at Kumar's roti canai stall again :P
I meet some of my friends there.. 真巧ah!
My dad talks about something funny with his funny expression on his face.
This really make me LOL ! xD

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