Monday, December 01, 2008

I've just finish playing audition :D
Seriously, i never play until so late before =.='
Because of there's Bugged in Beat Up Battle Party ;D
Hahaha! Wanted to earn more dens so play until now...
It's fun! But now, my fingers and eyes are so tired~ O.o

I asked my mom if I can follow my friend to Kuantan.
She said yes! haha xD
But cannot go also, cuhs Miss oh can't go ler =X
We planned for cinema. So yeah, no more cinema ~

My house is slightly flood!
My dog, Bonnie's food bowl floating~~ haha.
& my sis went out to play with the water that not even deep that her toe!
What so fun =.='

Okay, going to bed now! *yawn*

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