Sunday, December 21, 2008

Watched "Connected" this afternoon. It's a great movie :) I've seen the same story in one of the English's movie before. It's a long long time ago :X Anyway, still a great movie!

While I was watching and goyang kaki-ing, Miss oh suddenly called me and told me that she was outside my house. Haha! She wants to take her story book which I borrowed for years months! *go take book and return her* & also, paiseh for owning it for so long!

Went to Grand River View hotel at night, for the Christmas Party :) Yong paid the ticket for us ;D
"Thanks you, ah yong!"
When we arrived there, no tickets cannot go in. We waited for Adrian.
Me: "Eh, how come so long lah ?"
Yong: "I heard he is like singing just now. "
Oh, maybe he is busy. Then we continue wait lah :)
-Few minutes later, finally, he was here! ;D

Me: "How bout Kay? She dont have ticket."
Ad: "Kay no need in lah! You squad at the entrance and beg for some money. If enough RM25 already then go buy ticket just go in lah!"
LOL! Of course he is just kidding.

Nice performace anyway! :) Also, the foooooooods are so delicious! Yummmm-mayyy! :D

Kupid de, give me only 3 pieces!
But my sister only get 2, haha :P

Mushroom soup or Chicken soup ? Ah.. idk!
It's delicious for me is enough :)
Spaghetti! :D
Yum-yum. But i not really like the ham with something in it.
It's too sweeeeeet. I dont like it.

Kay, Xin & me.

After the dinner, went to ah kim house to 搓汤圆. hehe! I love tang yuan :P
My cousin told me that I'm 16, only can eat 16 tang yuan. Or else will become older. LOL, my sis trust her and ask and ask my mom is it true =.='

SS'ing in car xD


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